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- Our items are handcrafted in the USA -

Like you, we’re always looking for a good deal, but we also make sure we’re buying “Made in the USA” whenever possible.  From the materials we engrave to our engraving equipment – we understand the importance of supporting US businesses.  In the last three decades, US manufacturing has been crushed by unfair foreign competition.  Unfortunately, for some items (like tumblers), there are no longer any US manufacturers. To help stop further loss of jobs and sustain US manufacturing, we do our part by buying from US suppliers.


    - OUR LASERS > Designed & manufactured by Epilog Laser Inc in Golden, CO - Since 1988
    - OUR WOOD > Cut, sawn, and kiln-dried by Hearne Hardwood Inc in Oxford, PA - Since 1997
    - OUR LEATHER > Tanned by Hermann Oak Leather Company in St. Louis, MO - Since 1881

    - OUR CORK > Manufactured by Bangor Cork in Wind Gap, PA - Since 1935

    - OUR GLASSES > Made in the USA by Libbey, Core, and Master’s Reserve


Although our equipment & materials may be available for less from offshore suppliers, we buy from US manufacturers!


Please support products “Made in the USA”! 

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