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"MAGNE-GRID" Pin & Edge Guide Set

"MAGNE-GRID" Pin & Edge Guide Set

This set includes our two most popular items >> "Magne-Grid" Pins & "Magne-Grid"Edge Guides


 - 3 "Magne-Grid" Edge Guides
 - 15 or 30 "Magne-Grid" Pins (Select qty above)
 - Instructions for use
 - Everything is fully assembled and ready to go



 - Supports your workpiece 29mm (1-1/8") above your worksurface to eliminate burnt underside from laser flashback

 - Are easily moveable and hold to your baseplate with high power magnets

 - Are quickly and easily repositioned to provide support wherever needed

 - You put pins anywhere you need them . . . not like fixed pin systems

 - Provide point contact with your workpiece, virtually eliminating all vector cutting flashback

 - Are smooth and shiny so they're easy to clean


 - Precisely and repeatedly locate your workpiece when it's raised up on vector pins

 - Reference your lasers 0,0 position . . . No need to account for any offsets !

 - Provide 3-2-1 format positioning datums for any workpiece size & shape

 - Grip your baseplate with 3 high power magnets
 - Work with all "Magne-Grid" Vector Grid systems and lasers with a steel baseplate 
 - Don't reduce your lasers work area . . . Your 18x24 laser can still engrave 18"x 24" !
 - Super durable 100% metal construction (no plastic, wood, or bubble gum)
 - Each Edge Guide is 37 x 41 x 50mm (1-1/2 x 1-5/8 x 2")
 - Accommodates X & Y ruler thicknesses ≤ 4mm (5/32")




"Magne-Grid" Pins and Edge Guides use magnets to stick to your laser's worktable.  If magnets don't stick to your worksurface, you can use one of our "Magne-Grid" Vector Pin-Grid Systems to make your laser compatible.


"Magne-Grid" - Made in the USA


    It's important to us that you're happy with your purchase. If it's defective or for some reason you did not get what you expected, we'll work with you to make it right.


    We accept returns of items in new condition within 30 days of your order. You may exchange your item for another or you may request a refund. 


    We cannot accept returns of customized items. 

PriceFrom $109.00
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